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Ahsan Khan is the new and quickly appearing drama artist and performed in the Pakistani drama ‘Mirat-ul-Uroos’. He showed performance in the drama so well that it caught the sight of film world across the border. Now he is moving to Indian Bollywood film industry to perform in the movie directed by Deepti Naval.

Ahsan Khan said that he was in America in a show where I met with Deepti Naval. She praised my performance in the drama and offered me to perform in her Indian Bollywood movie. It was a great offer for me and I do not feel hesitate to accept the offer. He also said that Bollywood is a great film industry where different kinds of movies are made and they earn a lot through their film industry.

Ahsan Khan in Bollywood Films

Ahsan Khan in Bollywood Films

There are various actors, who look for a chance to work in the Indian film industry. With this film and offer to perform in the movie, the cultural exchange of movies and tradition will also take place. The relationships between two countries will become stronger and healthier. The people will like to watch these movies, which are made with the mix cast of Pakistani and Indian actors.


He further added that other actor of Pakistan will also come to India and they will get the opportunity to show their performance in the Indian film industry. There are huge numbers of fans in India, who like performance of Pakistani actors in Indian movies, which is the great encouragement for us. The nation is praying for Ahsan Khan for his success, who is going to perform in the Indian movies.

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