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What Your Nails Reveal About Your Health1 Comment

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Did you know that even you can nail a lot about your health history to tell? Well, in case you did not, this is a new piece of information for you. Take a good look at your nails. Find them strong and healthy looking? Or do you see ridges or areas of foreign color or shape? By checking your nails, you a good hint of your overall health as poor health leads to many changes in your nails that your doctor can use to develop a diagnosis.


Feet & Hands Nails

Feet & Hands Nails


Follow the bullets and you’ll have a couple of nail disorders that can be linked to diseases:

• Beau’s lines

Beau’s lines are pockmarks that occur in the nail. This can occur if the growth of the nail root is plagued by serious defects, such as a heart attack, measles, or pneumonia.

• Clubbing

Clubbing is a store where you will widen your fingertips and still around, while the nails curve around your fingertips and bent inwards. This happens due to swelling in the connective tissue due to continued lack of oxygen. Lung disease is found in 80 percent of people who clubbed fingers.

• Half-and-half

Also known as Lindsay’s nails – is another thing you have to be careful. In this case, see if you have a loop of brown patches appear. While this may come into play in a small ration of people who happen to suffer from kidney disease.

• Onycholysis

Pronounced ON-i-ko-LY-sis is the case where the nail begins to separate from the nail bed. According to the medical point of view, this problem is usually associated with some type of physical injury (trauma), psoriasis, adverse reactions, contact dermatitis or fungal action of the excessive use of nail hardeners. Every so often onycholysis can be linked to an over-or under-active thyroid, iron deficiency, or syphilis.

• Ever heard of “spoon nails”?

Well, spoon nails is a condition where the nails soft and hollow. Depression, infact, is typically large enough to hold a drop of liquid. This condition is normal due to iron deficiency in your body.

• What is Terry’s nails?

It is the conditon in which the nails appear thick and white, but the tip gets a dark pink or light brown line appear on. This may be an indication of cirrhosis, congestive heart failure, adult-onset diabetes, cancer and aging.

By making a small check of yourself, you can easily judge about your own health in this way.

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