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In summer season it is always good to use water based foundations and bases. Sumer makeup is more likely to get wet because the sweat. Because most of the sweat summer makeup will crack. The cracks in the foundation and ground of course not look nice. So to avoid any disruption later, keep your eyes open, while the purchase of the foundation.


water base foundation blushes

water base foundation blushes


Using oil-based foundation means that more than oil to the face in make-up after a few hours. Unlike foundations, blushes water also help you maintain your makeup for a long period of time. Besides blushes and foundations you should use water-based sun blocks in the summer, not oil based. The sun blocks should be SPF 15. Unlike oil-based sunscreen to cover your face with another layer of oil, and this is drastic results in the form of pimples.

So do water-based blushes, foundations & Sun blocks have a cool summer makeup.

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