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Tremendous and Elegant Eyes Make Up for Evening

Tremendous and Elegant Eyes Make Up for Evening


The women like to adopt different make up styles for different occasions and these makeup styles have great and wonderful look in the evening. The women should check these eight wonderful and elegant makeups for their eyes for the evening.

1.         To make the eyes wonderful and appealing, the women should use concealer on their eyes, which can help them in hiding the circles under their eyes. The women can use three dots of concealer under the eyes so that they can hide the dark circles under both eyes. They should start making the eyes from the inner corner, then they should apply the pupil and on the outer edge of the eyes.

2.         For the eyelid base, the women can apply the eye base in order to keep their shadow for long time. The women should do the priming of their eyelids first then they should finish the look of the eye shadow and use greasy line.

3.         The women should use the three-toned shadows to built the eyelids and merge them to make the rainbow to get the wonderful look of their eyes. The women should start the shadow of her eye with light color to match with the eyelid. Then the women should use the medium color on the eyelids and build it with the dark color & blend all the colors with each other.

4.         Then women should apply the eyeliner in dark eye shadows, which can work as the eyeliner. The women can get wet their slanted brush and also in the dark eye shadows. The women can use the liner on the bottom eyes and make the lines from the middle of the eyes. They can make the bottom line and mix them with finger or Q-tip. The women should not want to have the excellent line. To make the smoky eye, the women should use the brush patted it in the dark eye shadows on the upper and below lid.

5.         The women can use the highlighter to make bright their eyes in the inside part of eye. They can apply the pink or gold highlighter to make the eyes brighter and beautiful as well as attractive. They should follow the use of highlighter from the inner corner of eyes taking from top to bottom. They can blend it with the fingers and make pop the makeup of the eyes.

6.         With the help of same highlighter, they can highlight their brow on their brow bone. The women can concentrate on their mid brow and blend it with their fingers.

7.         Eyelash curler helps to make the lashes curl and get the gorgeous and dashing look of the eyes. The women can heat curler for little while to get better result. Before applying the curler on the lashes, you can test the curler avoiding burn yourself.

Place the wand of mascara and apply mascara at the lower side of lashes moving back and forward. The women can follow the wand and apply them to the bottom of the lashes.

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