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By Safyan

To Be Brides Leaves 5 Bad Habits

To Be Brides Leaves 5 Bad Habits


It is the nature of the women and girls to look beautiful and charming at all times especially, when they are young and they are going to get married. They need to adopt some beautiful and good habits to maintain their health and beauty for long time and they should avoid such habits, which can spoil their beauty and attraction. The to-be-bride should never want to have a spot, mark or blemish to tarnish their look and beauty on her wedding day. There are certain beauty habits, which can play the spoilsport to get the perfect looks.

1.      Wrap wet hair in towel

Most of the girls lock their tresses in towel after getting the bath, which it can be a disaster for their hair. They need to do shampoo in their hair and after they should take care by getting them dried. Wet hair is vulnerable to breakage as it can stretch easily.


When they rub their hair with towel, their hair get tangles and the hair shaft is broken. They can damage their healthy hair and they need to squeeze the excess water from their hair by using the cotton cloth gently. They should use wide toothed comb to detangle their hair.

2.      Pricking Pimples

You can get picked the pimples but it is embarrassing and squeezed it as it looks ugly. When we want to pinch the eruption, it is best for you to die its own death and let the pimple heal naturally.  The habit of pricking the pimples can increase the chance of scars and also make worse the inflammation. If you have infection or chronic acne, you should consult with your dermatologist, who will guide you better and he will also prescribe the medication and procedures. You need to take the healthy foods and follow the skincare regime to avoid growing of pimple to spoil your face.


3.      Use Makeup Brushes and Sponges Without Cleaning

You need to use clean hairbrush and comb regularly. You should insist to use the makeup brushes and sponges and do not clean them, it can create problems for you. The germs and the skin oils get trapped in the makeup brushes and the sponges.


If you do not clean them properly and they can come in contact with your face, when you use them without cleaning. You should rinse them with lukewarm water before use the makeup brushes and sponges and after that let it there to air dry. You can also clean them with mild shampoo and do this work twice in a month.

4.      Excessive Heat Styling Hair

Most of the girls make the styles of their hair daily. This habit can cause the irreversible damage to their hair. Heat styling is most common cause of the split ends and makes the hair dull and brittle. If you do not let your hair for some rest, then they should go with the natural style for two to three days in a week without styling. It will give enough time to the hair to get lost moisture back. There will be elaborate styling for wedding functions so they need to give some break before the start of the ceremonies.


5.      Sleep with Makeup On

Do you sleep with the foundation slapped cheeks, smoky eyes and lipstick laden pout and you hope that it would not damage your skin and face. Makeup can clog the pores on skin and it can reduce the secretion of lubricant, which is responsible for moisturizing the skin naturally. It can cause acne on the face and the eye makeup can cause the allergic reaction or infection.


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