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It was very wonderful and annoying that a person can use fifteen different cosmetic products in a day. You should know that you can do everything very easily like sleeping for the whole night, drink lot of water and keep the natural form. The people like to apply the raw coconut oil to have fresh look of the lips and face.

The Toxic Reality About Cosmetics

The Toxic Reality About Cosmetics

It is common that most of the women like to have the skin primer, moisturizer, setting powder, undereye concealer, blush, eyebrow powder, foundation, lip stain and bronzer and these are the perfect appearance for the face. I reached to the age of 38 years and I started ablution in the morning and look pleasant and attractive. It also makes me flu-ridden and get out of bed to have fresh wash of the face.

The Toxic Reality About Cosmetics

The Toxic Reality About Cosmetics


There are different cosmetics, which I use on the daily basis and these are included with the fragrance to the makeup with the skin care products. For this, I like to use all these products to get the attractive and pleasing look with the use of powders, oils and salves, which are necessary for him.

Here are some facts that I discovered:

The Environmental Working Group said that there are eighty-nine percent of the ingredients of total 10,500, which are used for the personal care products and these are also not assess to give protection by the Health Sectors.

It is also said that there are huge number of cosmetics, which have the toxins, carcinogens and various other chemicals, which can tell upon the health. The products, which we use on our skin, 60% of those products can absorb in the bloodstream.

Watch Out, Killer Chemicals

The women should keep an eye on the chemicals, which are used in the beauty products and we apply on our skin. They should look at the toxic products of the daily use and these can harm their skins only and not to others. These are the endocrine and neurotoxins, which are used daily.

Well, yes… but also no.

When we take bath or shower, then we take all these poisons in the water system through our house.

The microbes and a specific type of beneficial soil bacteria are badly affected by the nonoparticles present in cosmetics and sunscreens (found in brands like Revlon, L’Oreal, Max Factor, Clarins etc).

It is also known that a virus that endangers coral is activated by the chemicals that are normally used in sunscreen. We know that everyone used sunscreen at beach.

And there is something more badly as the cosmetic companies are projected to reach ‘carbon footprint’ by year 2017 up to 265 billion.

These companies are producing emission to the environment, consuming water and energy and packaging waste. All this shows the effect of the cosmetic material on the eco-status of the product which is even worse than your assumption.

Disturbing Chemicals usually found in daily Products

The good thing is that few organizations are making it possible to purchase an ache-free product. You can check the protection of over 78000 personal care products on the online database of Skin Deep by the Environmental Working Group.

The Toxic Reality About Cosmetics

The Toxic Reality About Cosmetics


There is a helpful FAQ named “What Should I Purchase?” for the concept of secure Cosmetics. And also “Think Dirty” is an app for iPhone through which you can scan the bar code of any cosmetic or a personal care product. It rates the product on three categories: Developmental & Reproductive Toxicity, Allergies & Immunotoxicities and Carcinogenicity.

Well I’ll in fact not throw away my current makeup products but in the future I am going to check the materials of these products. Even a little effort can make a huge difference as it is like all the other efforts of environmental protection.


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