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Have you ever got your eyes Swell or having Puffy eyes? Any Stress, smoking, aging, crying give you “Puffy Eyes”? Then it’s not a big deal now, you don’t have any need to consult a specialist for it or no need to waste your big amount of money or energy in it because the remedy for this swollen eyes lies exactly at your Kitchen. Can’t you believe in this? Can you? So following tips will help you a long way in curing and warding off your puffy eyes. If these tips definitely work for you then you must forward these to your friends and family that would be very much helpful for them.

Puffy Eyes Treatment

Puffy Eyes Treatment

The Tips are as follows:

Have some Tea:

Caffeine constricts our blood vessels, and Tea has a good amount of Caffeine which can be very much helpful for us in this way that If you have Swollen or Puffy eyes due to aging stress or any other condition, you must take a couple of tea cups in a day to help boost the skin tightening and vessel constriction. Green tea contains chamomile (chamomile is an important ingredient which serves as an anti-irritant and helps sooth the aching eyes). If you don’t take tea or not love to have it then you can still make use of it by soaking the tea bags in cold water and placing them on your swollen eyes for 7-15 minutes on each eye, Tea itself naturally very much helpful in tightening your skin as it contains tannins.

Massaging your eyes gently (Eye Massage)

One of the simplest tips for the treatment of the puffy eyes which sometimes, even most of the times very helpful for the people having swollen eyes, the reason behind this tip that most of the times the fluid builds around of your eyes .which can be released by massaging your eyes, the rounds of them, eyelids and top of the brows, You should do it daily at night , Splash your eyes with cold water twice a day , If you are willing to do so ,you can use you can use moisturizing cream or oil massaging which can be very much helpful to reduce the amount of unwanted fluid.

Use Egg Whites:

Beat an egg white until it is frothy and apply on the inside and outside surface of the eyes with the help of cotton bud or brush, Dry it and then wash your face with cool water, Egg whites are handy home remedy that provide relief for puffy eyes.


Most of the people don’t know but teaspoons make one of the great puffy eye care tips which provides instantly de-puffing effect if you have to go out on a short period notice but you are worried because of puffy eyes.

Cool 5 to 6 teaspoons in you refrigerator for around 12 to 18 minutes. Place one teaspoon on each eye and press it gently. Let it remain there for as long as it doesn’t warm up due to your body temperature. Once it does, replace it with the cooler spoon. Do it 3 to 4 times. You will notice instant effect in your eyes.

Use Cucumber:

This one is the most popular tips for puffy eyes care. This is one of the definitely confirmed puffy eye care tips and is quite popular among super stars and models that use this tip right before the photo shoot session to get an instant de-puffing. Cucumber naturally helps constrict your blood vessels. One should put two slices of cucumber on their eyes for 10 to 15 minutes each day and can see the enjoyable healing effects of this tip.

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