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Summer is definitely making its presence felt. Most of us find it hard to shine in the Sun Heat can run havoc on makeup so we are looking melted. Beautifully applied makeup to the eyes is left dripping down our faces.

Summer or no summer most of us hate leaving our eyes empty with no makeup So let’s not consider that as an option. Yet we can compromise the summer let us go a little easy on the eyes. Avoiding dark colors for eye shades is a better idea, because dark colors make a more obvious route to melt. A sweep of light and shade the upper lash line got a bit sounds just right eye make-up this summer. Skip the eyeliner and mascara on lower lashes is a recommendation, because sweaty under the eyes will just waste all that makeup work will leave you looking for black eyes. Kohl pencils are not summers because they stain no matter how reliable the brand. Add splash some water in your eyes mascara that will not only look but also makes you feel fresh.


Sultry Eyes

Sultry Eyes


Do not forget your summer eye make-up set with light dusting of loose powder. This is not only not absorb moisture to prevent meltdown of your eye makeup, but also gives you a fresher look for your day out. Last but not least the very important sunglasses. Sunglasses is not only perfect summer accessory and a chic must-have, but only the summer and protection for your eye makeup before your eyes as well!

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