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More often than not we head off what the trend is to follow the trend and what our style. Here is a cheers to all of you there is no fixed rule for the “it” trend. There are a lot of factors in determining what trend for you. Not every trend they catwalk on the platform for you, for you is the trend that suits your personality and style accentuates your strengths.

Eid is that time of year when we like to dress our best not only because of the high socialize but because of the religious fervor and festive spirit too. For that perfect dress Eid no body wants to go wrong with their style and trend.


Eid Dress

Eid Dress


An easy way to dress your eID right in style and trend to get this dress easy tips to follow based on your body shape.

* For broad shoulders keep your Eid dress with wide neck, short sleeves, light fabric dress helps to visually reduce broad shoulders.
* For a large bust line dress your eID to avoid V-necks and scoop necks. High neck dress works well in combination with long sleeves.
* For a small bust line Empire Basques, V-necks and bulkier fabric dress creates an illusion of fullness.
* For heavy weapons are sleeves that are not yet equipped to follow the body line wear. Avoid heavy and thick dust Eid dress.
* For heavy hips, it is important not to wear fitted, short Eid dress. Wear instead moderately loose and longer lengths in thicker Eid dress fabric to give a slimmer look this Eid.

Style and trend this Eid should define your dress this year.

Wear what you are and make a personal fashion statement this year on Eid, let your body shape determines your dress trend.

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