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Well folks, in our first part we told you about the cleansing and toning. Now we shall tell you about moisturizing and exfoliating, as these guidelines can help to cleanse your skin soft and smooth.

Smooth moisture can facilitate the most. Although your skin already has its own process of hydrating moisturizers but will strengthen this process, they act as a catalyst. The main benefit of moisturizing your skin is that it prevents dehydration, because it keeps your skin hydrated. Moisturizer nourishes, strengthens your skin and keep it elegant. Moisturizers a protective layer on your skin and help maintain the natural moisturizer. It only protects your skin from environmental hazards such as pollution, smoke, dust, etc.


Desi Girl Face

Desi Girl Face


Before applying makeup, it is good to apply moisturizer, because it gives your face a good, protective base. Another advantage is that moisturizer, it protects your skin crinkles and slow the aging process effects on your face.

Last but not least step is exfoliation. After gently moisturise your skin to apply, with fine exfoliants, preferably in circular direction. Apply the paste to exfoliate the skin moist and gently rub in circular motions. Apply the mask a few minutes and then it was. It stimulates circulation, cleanses the skin pores, removes dead skin cells from the skin and make it glow. Exfoliation can keep your skin young and supple for a long time. Trying to do it no matter, weekly or daily basis.

So, make a habit of these steps in your beauty guide to apply because they protect your skin from exposure to the environment and make your skin stiff, fresh and healthy.

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