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For a neat, clean and smooth skin is like a dream of every girl.Those who got to know the charm, and those who still dream of such a beautiful skin can be, if they take proper care of their skin.

Good care means so many steps and aspects. We tell some of these important steps that you can make your skin perfect.

Unlike extra attention to your skin like, sound sleep, drink lots of water, avoid sunlight, healthy and nutritious diet and exercise, you need some more steps. The fundamental steps towards the perfect smooth skin cleansing, toning, moisturizing and exfoliation.

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Asian Beauty


In our first part, enjoy the first two steps.

The first step in getting your skin clean and tidy, cleaning, try to do twice in one day. Especially if you came back from outside your home after a long hectic day, it’s good to do a deep cleaning to remove dirt and release stress from your face. Other than this throughout the night, when we sleep our skin undergoes a repair and renewal. So by the morning it’s full of dead skin cells, invisible to the eye neck, and which should be carefully removed.
In order to get fruitful results of clean, use some milky moisturizer.Tie your hair soft and do massage from bottom to top direction.This upward movement can help to remove dead skin cells. From your hairline to your collarbone, but avoid the eye area. After doing massage for several minutes, whip away with moist cotton wool or soft tissue.

Then wash your face with some good quality face wash or a mild, gentle soap. This way you need your face almost all the dirt and fatigue.

The next step is to use toner that ideally have two features in addition to toning, skin, restores the PH level. For some people splashing cold water on the face works well. Rose water dabbed on the skin will do the trick just as well as a gentle toner, but care is anyway to get in to the eyes as it is not sterile.

After experiencing these two steps you will definitely feel the difference and your skin soft and smooth.


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