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5 Tips for healthier skin in Ramadan

5 Tips for healthier skin in Ramadan


The Ramadan is just going to start now and our skin loses its nourishment and glow as we gladly start on fasting. The reason we appear dull and tired during the holy month is the sudden change in our routine of diet and lower intake of water that’ll cause the loss of skin elasticity and moisture. But with these tips mentioned below, you can keep your skin glowing even during fasting.

  1. Stay away from makeup. You should remember that Ramadan and makeup don’t mix. You can make this holy month as an opportunity to shed away the harmful chemicals of different cosmetics.
  2. Throughout the day, drink 8 glasses of water. Water will also help you feel fuller for longer along with keeping you hydrated and moisturize your skin. So keep a water bottle in front of you at iftaar and seher instead of sodas and juice.
  3. Facial cleansing, exfoliation and toning. You have to make sure follow this routine throughout Ramadan this as it should also be your regular facial routine. These steps will make you avoid breakouts during the hot summer months as it’s hot outside that’ll make your skin shedding and pores will likely open.
  4. Take fibers. Fiber rich foods will repair your skin. From vegetables and fruits to fish and nuts, essential oils in these foods help to heal your skin when you take them during iftar.
  5. Yogurt is helpful not only for digestion but it is also a protein-rich food that nourishes you either you take it in sahoor and iftar or apply as facial mask.

It should be remembered that your face should not be starved during Ramadan. By following our tips you can nourish your skin and also drink little extra water than normal to remain safe in this holy month.

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