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By zeeshan

In winters, the temperature can go below freezing at times which makes it very chill and uncomfortable. In this situation, quick remedy is required that can reverse the unpleasant skin problems that can accompany the cold weather. Here below, you can know about common skin problems of winters and also their solutions.

Trouble 1: Flakiness of Skin

Skin dryness is the reason behind this problem. Skin loses its moisture due to the combination of humidity and low temperatures. This deprives the skin from shiny appearance. The skin becomes flakiness and it affects the outer part of skin. Solution of this problem is given below.

Solution: Do not take long hot showers

A hot shower produces pleasing effect in winters but it can cause harm too. After taking a hot shower, the skin loses essential oils and moisture. It results in dryness of skin.

Effective Miniaturization is necessary

Effective Miniaturization is necessary

To avoid this problem, use moisturizing body wash after a hot shower. It will help you to form a protective barrier over the skin that will prevent skin dryness and flaking.

Trouble 2: Dryness of Skin

The skin becomes dry and dull in the presence of humidity with cold temperature as these factors eliminate moisture from skin.

Solution: Keep the Skin Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is necessary to hydrate the skin. Another good remedy is drinking warm herbal tea.

Opt for Rich Moisturizing Ingredients

Opt for Rich Moisturizing Ingredients

Moisturizers with rich hydrating substances must be used as substances like glycolic acid, lactic acid, Vitamin B3 etc. can dissolve in the skin very well and removes dead cells by penetrating inside the skin. But unnecessary formulations should be avoided.

Trouble 3: The Skin Itches

Your skin can also feel itchy due to extreme cold weather.

Solution: Make Use of a Humidifier

Solution Make Use of a Humidifier

Your indoor environment becomes severe dry with the use of the central heating system. But you can increase the skin moisture level by using humidifier and skin can get rid of itching.

Trouble 4: Sore & Red Skin

Your blood capillaries expand in winters when you come out from warm indoors to extremely cold weather outside. Due to this reason, the skin becomes red due to lass of elasticity of capillaries walls.

Solution: Use a Nourishing Moisturizer

In this situation, the best remedy is a nutritional moisturizer. The most beneficial moisturizers are those that contains Vitamins A, C and E along with green tea extract as they not only moisturize the skin but also prevents it from sun damage and produces antioxidants.


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