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It seems that only recently its salwar revolution. For a large part of the last century had little influence on fashion and were seen as something only worn for traditional reasons. Whatever the style of your salwar should remember that the tuning is the most important. Wear the salwar and let you wear the salwar.

Shalwar kameez come in many different styles such as Parallel / Trouser Press-style salwar suits with a short kurta style top, churidar style shalwar kameez, salwar kameez pajami and Afghan style and traditional style salwar kameez which has innumerable variations.


Bell Bottom Shalwar

Bell Bottom Shalwar



The salwar is often worn as a pants with a built-in look. This combination is called the pantsuit. The salwar is ringing through soil and cracks fads.

Qlot Salwar also a fashion statement and have recently taken the fashion industry with a storm. The new style of summer is a long salwar kameez with a qlot. Do you wear salwar qlot this season then you are ready to be the apple of every meeting you go to.

qlot Salwar all hype these days in Pakistan.

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