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One important part of your body is the nails. They can be of many uses, although they have no vital importance to our body. The health conditions of the body are also sometimes depicted by these nails. The nails, like everything else, also have some advantages and disadvantages. For the personal hygienic condition of the body, these nails are needed to be taken a lot of care and should be cleaned.

Reasons for having Long Nails

Reasons for having Long Nails

In the sophisticated circles, having long nails or wearing nail extensions are not considered to be a good attribute, but still they have their own advantages. Want to know what these advantages are? Then here are the top 5 advantages of having long nails.

  • Maintenance:

Usually it is said that long nails needs more maintenance as compared to the shorter nails, but in reality it is other way around which is the longer nails need less maintenance than the shorter nails. You can grow your nails to a certain long length without getting de-shaped, if you have strong nails. As like shorter nails, the longer nails do not need frequent filing. A lot of your time and hassle is saved as long nails don’t require to be frequently cut.

  • Nail art:

You can enjoy a wide range of nail painting options, only if you have long nails. You can have many options with long nails whether you are going for huge variety of nail painting art or you can also opt for a simple plain colored nail polish. With long nails, you can play with different floral patterns or beautiful dotted designs. Apart from this, you can also choose your own colors and patterns that go with your beautiful long nails. Everyone that you meet will be attracted to your beautiful long nails, whether you have used nail paint or not.

  • Coercion factor:

The people with short nails can never have this huge benefit as like the people with long nails. You can use your long nails as the immediate weapon at many times like when you got stuck in a situation where you have to defend yourself or like when you want someone not to mess with you. Using long nails helps you get protected at anytime and anywhere, and it never means that you are getting violent for no reasons. Long nails come handy during difficult times.

  • Using nails as a tool:

Nails can be used as the tool as well, like when you want to open a cane but couldn’t find the knife, than at that time these long nails comes very handy. Apart from this you can use your long nails for many other things. Things like slicing a tape or flipping a hot toast and many more things can be done easily with the help of long nails. But before using your nails like a tool, you should make sure that your nails are not chipped and they remain clean.

  • Getting praised:

Did anyone you meet after seeing your nails said that Are they real? Well with long nails that happens a lot. When you meet a person the first thing he or she will notice are your long and beautiful nails and they will be like OH Gosh, so beautiful! It’s the fact that people get attracted by beautiful long nails with nail art work done on them, and these long nails of yours makes people you meet praise you and they fall in love with them.

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