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Real Women 7 Beauty and Style Tips

Real Women 7 Beauty and Style Tips


The real women have different methods and techniques to create beauty and elegance in their personality. They maintain their lives in different ways and they adopt the simple methods in attaining the attractive and beautiful look in their personality. There are different style tips to get the attraction and these are provided for the guidance of other women and girls.

  1. The women maintain the health of their skin by making them fresh and healthy. They give attention on the health of their skin and they use light and perfect makeup to look like the real women. They use light and healthy skin mask and they get the light and natural tones.
  2. The real women make their hair in simple and delicate style rather than in high ponytail, curls or any other styles. The simple and good hair can enhance their personality and they can look beautiful and stunning. They can have the simple cut and the hair are easy to manage. The women should use oil and the conditioner in the hair and eat natural things.
  3. The women should pay attention on the purchase of the right foundation to have excellent skin tone and also use the best and effective base for the hair. It can make the skin bright and it will also give you best texture. The women and girls can also use the mousse and liquid foundations, which is perfect for all seasons.
  4. The use of blush on is excellent as it can play an important role with the styling of the real woman. The women should use the colors like pink and beige to get the fair skin tone and they should also use the brown shades, coral shades to get the best and dark skin tones.
  5. The women and girls also pay attention to beautify the eyes as these the essential part of the makeup. The women and girls can use the eyeshades in various colors including nudes, browns peaches or pinks as these colors can enhance the beauty of the eyes. The use of eye liner and kajal pencil to make beautiful the eye shape. If you make the eyes bigger and extend the lashes then they should use mascara over the eyes.
  6. The use of the lipstick is important in the makeup and the best color can make the eyes beautiful and elegant. There are different colors and the dark shades to enhance the beauty of the women. The medium skin tones with the coffee brown color, maroon and mauve colors can enhance the attraction of the eyes during the make up. The women should start the makeup in dark skin tone colors and the use of lipstick and lip liner is also best to get the attractive look.
  7. The real woman can make her hands and feet soft and perfect and they use the perfect pedicure and manicure to get the perfect look in their personality.


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