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Every female dreams about shiny and thick hair. We should keep in mind few things in other to keep our hair glowing and beautiful. An important problem of hair is hair loss which can be reduced by using few home remedies. You should be aware that lack of diet, aging, anemia, split ends, anxiety, mental stress, genetic disorders etc. are few important causes of hair loss. Read about these few proven home remedies for fallen hair.

Home Remedies for Reducing Hair Loss

Home Remedies for Reducing Hair Loss

Coconut Milk:

You can nourish your hair follicles by using a rich source of coconut milk. Coconut milk should be applied to hair similar as you apply oil to your hair. Your hair will look shining and healthy with this remedy as it provides lot of nutrients to hair. you can also stop hair loss through this process.

Oil Massage:

The blood circulation in the head portion accelerates with daily massage of oil on your hair and scalp. The best thing is coconut oil but other things can also prove well including the oils of olive, mustard, jojoba, almond and castor.

Indian Lilac (Neem):

Neem is a famous plant of subcontinent which contains several properties as it is an anti viral, anti bacterial, anti diabetic, anti fungal and soothing plant. This plant can also make your hair look beautiful and strong. After grinding at home, you can use it like a paste on your hair. it helps in preventing extra loss of hair.

Onion and Garlic:

Sulphur is an important element present in both onion and garlic. After preparing their paste at home, you can apply them on your hair and then massage them there for just few minutes. This paste can help to grow your hairs while they become stronger and you will look and feel very good.


Eggs are rich in zinc, sulphur, iodine, iron, phosphorus and protein while all these nutrients are essential for the better growth of hair on scalp. After combining egg yolk with olive oil, you can get a superb tonic to grow your hair. Egg yolk can also heal the damaged parts of the hair.

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