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There is so much to look forward to, this summer, Pakistani Pakistani ladies check out the latest hairstyles, which cover a wide range of looks from classic to avant-garde.

30′s and 40′s sultry styles, finger waving and pin curling to create smooth lines and lascivious waves reminiscent of the glamorous era of these vintage styles created. Deep side parts to a heavy wave part to sweep across the forehead.


Popular hair styles

Popular hair styles


For 80s feeling: This new style is an influence of the Big Bang, mullet mania and it came with a fresh, modern approach to these basic forms.

Hawks is all inclusive: Faux Hawk hairstyle is among young women. This time around, the style is lending itself to all walks of life, and lengths of hair.

Mixture of structures and elements: Pakistani women to combine straight lines with waves or kinks in the hair to add interest. There are so many directions to take this trend as curled, crimped, or heavy texturised anywhere with straight bangs, or small braids added to straight or curly hair.

Asymmetric divide and form: Asymmetrical hairstyles and cuts are huge now. The look is achieved simply by cutting (or styling), one side longer than the other. Pakistani women can even go for a formal chignon on one side, just behind one ear.

Make curly hairstyles: Check out the new curlers to edit the casual curly waves. Loose, lascivious waves of hair, slightly flattened on top with the curl from mid-strand or tight, spiral curls, pumped up without fretting about frizzy hair located

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