People are judged by their shoes

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Shoes are all the hype these days and not just because they are a necessary component in our play clothes, but also because they make a fashion statement in today’s world. They are powerful sexier than a handbag, a belt, a necklace or most other accessories for that matter.

A good shoe nicely painted and manicured feet is a recipe for success and do not forget it’s also the perfect way to get attention from a man! Men’s footwear brands. Women love shoes and men love seeing women wearing beautiful shoes too.



This summer, the clear nail polish and eye catching color and soft shoe with a design that the skin shows.

Heels are never out of fashion, but one thing everyone looks forward to the summer is the beach slippers, sandals and flat sandals funky. Unlike the heels are more comfortable and they clearly remember how light they are. Our feet do the toughest job in our bodies, keep us standing tirelessly every day. Do not force them in boots or closed shoes rather than dress them in a way that fits their status, and find the best flat shoes to do the job. In hot weather his blessing to light and airy shoes to wear and still “in” fashion. And in the evening you are on your heels and let you, happy and well equipped, their feet do dazzle in style.

Shoes are not only important in the fashion of a woman, but they play the same role in men’s clothing as well. Women are known to be very particular about what kind of shoes they want to see their men and women tend to judge them by their shoes in the first meeting. And everyone knows how important that first encounter in a relationship. Hence shoes are a vital part of the life of every human being as they help attract good attention. And whenever you simple clothes that do not do justice to who you really are wearing shoes boost your character and your boring clothes. And shoes are always more reliable than clothes as Toni Collette’s character said in “In Her Shoes’ shoes always fit, as opposed to clothing. A shoe is static and reliable. Whereas a garment change shape over many washings, a shoe is basically the same except for some rain-staining, stretching or fabric tears.

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