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Eid is an important event for Muslims. In celebration of Eid, men, women and children look their best. People want new clothes. Some women make their own clothes to their taste in clothes they wear track.

Eid clothes are prepared long before, hiding in the secret closet mom, ready for their debut on Eid morning. Oh the joy of seeing the brilliance of the new series of Eid clothes, showing off the latest fashion Eid as people parade from house to house with hugs and shouts of “Eid Mubarak”.


Eid Couple

Eid Couple


Since only a few hours before the Eid day, men readymade shalwar kameez has steal the show during Eid shopping in the Eid shoppers. The outlets are shown shalwar kameez to get jam-packed. Many of the men from the teen to mature his swarm Eid bazaars and shopping centers to favorite “shalwar kameez” now.

Eid is a festival that is celebrated universally by all Muslims and their joy on this day to show people have a lot of effort in the clothing and preparing food. Clothes are mostly self-designed by the majority of people on Eid day Eid and everyone gets done early, wearing their new Eid clothes and go for Eid prayers.

Clothes play an important role on the eID days when people especially new clothes for the celebrations.

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