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By Safyan

The experts have discovered an important anti-aging enzyme after experiments on rats and turtles and it is named “Enzyme NAD Plus”.

According to doctors, if this enzyme is inserted in the body then it helps to prevent old age and can increase age. It can also prevent from diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson.

For this purpose, the University of Copenhagen and American Institute of health have studied the effects of this chemical on rats and turtles suffering from disease of Ataxia telangiectasia. It is a nervous disorder that brings early oldness by stopping the automatic repairing of DNA. The ‘NAD Plus’ not only halted the breakdown of mitochondrial DNA but it also prevented old age on cellular level and retained their younger age for long.

According to scientists, ‘NAD Plus’ stops the occurrence of old age by two ways. It reduces the breakdown of DNA and also corrects the problem of mitochondria. According to a researcher, ‘NAD Plus’ chemical increased the age of rats and turtles which is strange.

Important Anti-Aging Chemical

Important Anti-Aging Chemical


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