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By zeeshan

It is important to know about the trending terms in order to get an idea about the most famous hair color trends of this season. Balayage, micro foiling and ombre are the most famous trends of the current season.

Highlighting has been one of the most used services of an stylist since its arrival in the fashion. A plastic bonnet was used for this purpose by stylists in the beginning of highlighting while a crochet needle was used to pull tiny hair strands.

Now you can get your style from a natural look to a multidimensional and dark effect with the use of different types of highlighting. Apart from traditional highlighter with toner, stylists also use steps of various colors. But it’s important to be clarified about your desired look in order to get less or more of these foil highlighting placement techniques.

Micro Foiling New Hair Color Trend 2016

An accurate and fine foiling is done by using micro-foiling as it makes your hair look with flawless sparkling colors. You can get a look of very expensive blonde by using this technique and your hair will get a revived look.

Highlighting is quite similar to this technique but it is different due to separation of hair and less amount of hair. In order to blend highlight with the base color, small amount of hair with small separations are used for babylights.

Micro-foiling is a small highlight that makes your hair look like your childhood hair color that is easily lighted with sun. Babylights is the best technique for those who want to achieve look with less maintenance while it makes perfect look for any skin tone and hair color.

Micro Foiling New Hair Color Trend 2016


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