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By zeeshan

Many among us are fond of makeup and they want to become perfectionist in makeup style by trying different types of makeup. But using makeup brushes correctly is the right way to get a perfect makeup look.

Makeup is incomplete without makeup brushes as they are necessary to achieve a perfect look. To achieve this perfection, one has to practice these brushes quite a lot. You will not require visiting makeup salons for your makeup if you master to use these makeup brushes. By this way, you can save important money that can be utilized for purchasing beautiful makeup products.

One should invest in normal brands in the beginning. You can use high-end brushes after becoming expert in these normal brushes. It will help you to know about the difference in using normal an dhigh end brush.

Makeup Brushes Guide:

You can know about use of various brushes here. Few commonly used brushes include:

Foundation Brush : Foundation Brushes are usually of two types. These include flat and stippling foundation brush. Stippling brush is used for a natural look while Flat brush is used for a heavier look. These brushes are also used together by few people. They use stipple brush to blend the foundation while flat brush is used earlier to apply the foundation. It depends on your look that which brush is better for you.

Powder Brush: loose powder is applied by using powder brush. They are also used to apply blush and highlighter. You can blend and smoothly set your powder by using this brush.

Angular Brush/Blush Brush: as the name applies, this is an angular brush used for applying blush naturally. Cheeks are also highlighted by this brush.

EyeBrow & Lashes Brush: for everyday makeup, this two sided brush is commonly used. There is a horizontal brush on one side and a comb on the other side. The brush side is used for eyebrow setting while the comb side is used to make your lasher finer with making them smooth.

Eyeshadow Brushes: Among several eyeshadow brushes, the flat one is the most commonly used. It is a thin brush which is used to apply eye shadow on upper lids and also on lower lids. It’s not right to blend eye shadow with flat brush.



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