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There are also some pre steps before base, particularly in summer, some beauty experts suggest that its good if your ice massage upon your face, and then face to a few minutes off makeup, this way your base takes hours and this will help you booming base. As in summer there is a high risk of the foundation beams.


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For winter, suggesting that some beauticians then Apply some moisturizer gives your face some time to penetrate and then start it after leaving it for some time.

The base and foundation, use SPF 30 or higher and foundation base especially before you go agitated to prevent penetration. Also, you should be very selective when buying your base and foundation kit. It should match your skin tone, texture and complexion. If you really dry skin, go for the fat-based foundation and if you have oily skin or prefer water-based foundation, etc. also choose the base, that really suits your complexion.

Normally, there are some basic steps for applying make-up base, first cleaning, for a good cleanser removes all dirt from your face and give it a smooth appearance. Then moisturizer, it really refreshes the face. Then after some time of application basis and the balance at the end of the process with a powder or blush.

But remember that choosing a base, foundation, blusher, powder, or actually the art of doing the right make-up concerns.

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