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In the mirror every woman thinks she wants a miracle weight and that her body may look slim and trim. To achieve this, without exercising and dieting I’ll tell you what clothes to wear, so you can enhance your good points and hide your ugly points in the body. There are tricks to weight loss aantal instantly slimmer without a dangerous crash diet or drastic plastic surgery, or have a hot date or big interview you can manage to look thinner just by wearing the right clothes. First step is to be aware of what body type you are, orange, banana or pear.


loos weight

loos weight

If your body is heavier on the top then choose clothes that cling to your waist and not your chest, which will focus on the involuntary taking your slender waist instead of your heavy breast.

If your a pear shaped body, you should consciously try to wear dark colored clothing and dark colors hide the unwanted.

If you are a banana-shaped body, you should try wearing clothes that cling to your chest and your butt, so they seem to have improved.

The right clothing can do wonders to your body shape still, you just need to know what to wear with what body shape.

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