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Jewellery is weak point of a woman as she cannot live without jewellery. It is a marriage party or any formal gathering or family function, ladies wear jewellery to look beautiful and stunning. Jewellery of every kind is available in the market but there are some jewellery pieces which are made by hand at home. It is a fun to make jewellery at home because the fashion, design and the style of the jewellery is not easy to make. Balian is also very difficult to design and style them easily.

There are some skilled person who design balian in new and unique design and style which will be very nice and good looking for women. In the beginning you will not make balian in good and efficient way but with the passage of time you will design the balian in unique and stylish design. It will be a great skill to design balian with every new dress to match with them which will give impressive looking and appearance.

Look Stylish With Handmade Balian

Look Stylish With Handmade Balian

Embellish Your Handmade Balian:

When you learn the art of making handmade balian then you will also learn to decorate these balian with stones, pearls, ceramics and beads. You can make balian of your own choice and the colour scheme you will adopt according to your like and to your requirement. All such type of balian can be used on wedding day and if you want to make balian for your casual use then you can decorate these balian with different kinds of flowers.

Making of Handmade Balian:

Simply you can make handmade balian with little effort. You need some little tools which will help you to make handmade balian according to your choice. Always remember that use metal of pure silver or such material which is recommended for jewellery purpose which will give you graceful look and save you from allergy. If you use ordinary or cheaper kind of metal then you ear may catch allergy. Then think what kind of shape you want to make your balian. If you want to make balian in round shape then use bottle neck or something like this which will help you in giving your required shape. If you want to make big circle of your desired balian then take something big like glass or anything having round shape.

Then you need flush cutter and nylon jaw pliers to cut and give them required shape. You can also add beads and stone to make your handmade balian beautiful and elegant. After completing everything you should bend the corners of the balian in such shape that they can be locked when wearing in your ears. In such way you can make handmade balian in different designs and styles.

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