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- Wear sunscreen: Hands make sun damage just like faces do.

- Exfoliate: Use a grainy scrub on backs of hands twice a week to reveal glowing skin.

- Keep cuticles neat: cuticle function as barriers to bacteria and fungi, but they can often overgrow. Use a wooden or metal cuticle pusher after a shower to keep them in line.


Hand with Red Skaff

Hand with Red Skaff


- Liberate tension: Most of us hold tension in our necks and shoulders, but we can bear the stress of the day in our hands. Give you a daily self-massage to keep tension-Fri

- Share facial treatments: Vitamin C, retinol and alpha-and beta-hydroxy acids benefit the skin on our hands. Bring a bit of treatment, when you use it on your face.

- Seal cuticle tears Tiny hangnails and bitten edges can catch on almost anything, turning into deep tears and possibly lead to infection.

- Keep them covered: Covered them by applying a liquid bandage product as soon as tears develop.

- Keep the nails short, long claws tend to look flashy, and breaks which can be painful to invite. File nails into quarter-inch above your fingertips.

- Provide breathing space nails Specialist set one week of vacation every Polish Mon

- Tap, tap, tap! Believe it or not, tap your nails on a hard surface gives nail health and growth.

- Choose a manicure: Sure, doing your own nails is economical and practical, but a professional manicure every two or three months is a welcome bit of pampering. What’s more, professionals dealing with tough problems like calluses and flaking cuticles better than you at home.

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