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Nails do the main task in showing and reflecting the personality of any person. The nail shape shows about your personality as well as your health. the color of nail will tell you that you are healthy or ill. Now in this article we are going to discuss the shape, color and the way of trimming and their look after which gives effective health treatment to most of the people.

Important Facts Related To Nail’s Shapes

Important Facts Related To Nail’s Shapes

  1. Short Nails:
    The short or narrow shape of nails show that the person has not passion and is narrow minded. His activities and action concerned with his home or business or dealing with other persons are also confined. Such kind of people are considered weak and little bit of confidence. But there is a positive sign in their lives as they look clean and beautiful in their personal lives.
  2. Long Nails:
    The people who have long and bright nails have been considered broad minded and their view for life is vast and vivid. Such kind of people are very successful in their lives. They take interest in their works and all activities directly concerned with him or his family. They have good sense of humor and their behavior towards life is also positive and constructive. But it is opposite in case of women as the women who has long nails do not take much interest in their household works.
  3. Long And Bent Nails:
    The women having long nails but in bent shape which show that they are gloomy and show their behavior very sad and depressed.
  4. Triangular Nails:
    The people having triangular nails shapes are concerned with knowledge and education. They are good students and intellectual persons. The people of triangular shape nails associated with education are good professors and teachers. The academic and scholar qualities in such type of people are on the rise.

All above mentioned facts are directly concerned with the personality of people. We can imagine by looking at their nails that what kind of personality this person has and how it deals with the facts of life and what is the behavior of such person while solving all problems confronting by them. Their attitude with other people will also show their patience and passion for life.

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