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Smokey eyes make the personality of a woman very nice and it is dream of every woman to have smoky eyes. Every woman can get smoky eyes by using the following tips.

Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eyes

Use Primer

The perfect way to get smoky eyes is to apply primer on your lids and then let it dry. This look will keep the eye shades to look stunning and even in summers, it will look impressive. But the basic coverage you choose should be care about. Always make sure that it is very reliable and of the best quality. There are many types of primers in the market now and one should be very careful choosing the right beauty product among them.

Pick Dark Colors of Eye Shadow

You should use dark colors for the eye shadows. You should make sure to take dark shades like black, purple, dark pink and red when you buy a kit with eye shadow colors to home. You will get a very nice, attractive and sweet smoky look when you apply these shades to the eyes. For the night functions, colors like red and black are perfect. These colors will make the whole eye look smoky ad gorgeous while the upper look will look longer than its real size.

Use Eyeliner Pencil

On the bottom and top of the lash, use an eyeliner pencil. Your eyes will look bigger and smoky by using this eye liner pencil. To make your eyes look appealing and smooth, you should also run your finger over your eye lashes. It is necessary to use appropriate eyeliner pencil.

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