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You can turn out your character more elegant with your hairs. If anybody would like to makeover then absolutely hairs are the priority to try out with. Everybody prefers their hairs to be attractive if boy or girl nobody would like to have weak hair.

Most of the girls are suffering from weak hairs and its turning out a big problem now days. Are you using an expensive shampoos and conditioners for making your weak hairs grow faster? Currently you do not need to spend your money. Here we have got a proper solution of this problem. By simple hot oil treatment at home you can turn out your weak hairs grow faster.

Hot oil treatment by which weak hairs grow faster:-

  • Material which you are going to acquire is olive oil, jojoba oil, apple cider vinegar and egg.
  • Combine all the material, firmly. And you have to certain that not are left in the solution.
  • Currently let’s wet up your hairs along with Luke warm water. And make sure that water is not hot and cold.
  • Apply the oil to your hairs from root to tip gently. Make sure that each and every strand of your hair has the oil.
  • Following using oil, cover your hair along with the aluminum foil. And use shower cap over it therefore the foil is not going to move while you move your head.
  • Therefore leave it for an hour or two then wash hairs with regular shampoo.

Currently you can have much positive e result. Your hairs going to be nourished. Which This is how you can make your weak hairs grow faster.

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