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The style of Islamic dress, although based on privacy and modesty with loose clothing designed to honor the religion by covering the female body in a modest way, can still lead to very attractive dress. Bright colors and bold designs alongside a comfortable yet fashionable fabrics serve as a great means of updated style for the traditional, yet modern woman dress by the Islamic faith.


Girl in Hijab

Girl in Hijab


Hijab is the word used in Islamic context for the practice of dressing modestly, which all practicing Muslims past the age of puberty are instructed to do. Wearing a headscarf and the way you wrap hijab is an art. Hijab can be worn in so many trendy or traditional ways. Hijab styles vary from fabric, colors and prints, and methods of packaging. Hijab is a scarf and a underscarf. Hijab may reflect your personal color preferences and print. Colors can complement the seasons or an occasion’s formality. Hijab pins can decorate as they hold fabric in place.

Hijab as a part of the dress is a controversial topic. Apart from gender issues, Islamic hijab laws vary from one society to another. Saudi law requires women hijab, full black cloaks and face veils worn with two slits for eyes. Other countries are less restrictive.

Hijab is a part of Islamic clothing and in some countries one in the law, but many countries are less firm.

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