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By zeeshan

There are many remedies, which are used to turn the dark and dull lips into the pink lips and show the natural look and color.

Remedies for Natural Pink Lips

  1. The women and girls can use rose petal powder on their lips to turn the shade of their lips into pink. They can get the rose petal powder by crushing the rose petals.
  2. The women can mix sugar, honey and coconut oil so that they can create the natural scrub for lips and they can rub this scrub on their lips for few minutes and clean their lips and apply some moisture on their lips.
  3. They need to eat fresh fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber and water melon.
  4. Drink plenty of water as the water can be beneficial for skin and lips.
  5. Make paste with the pomegranate seeds and apply it on their lips. After few minutes, they need to clean their lips and it is the quick hack for the natural pink lips.
  6. The women can use coco butter, coconut oil or olive oil as the natural lip moisturizer.
  7. They need to use beetroot juice to stain their on their lips and get the bright red lips.
  8. Make honey and raspberry paste to apply on the lips and it will help the women to get natural pink lips.
  9. They should use turmeric (haldi) and milk to remove the discoloration from their lips and this is the most effective remedy which the Asian people are suing since ages.

Get Pink Lips within 10 minutes naturally.

Things, which they will need are:

  • Strawberries
  • Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)
  • Soft bristle Brush

Procedure to get Pink Lips Naturally

  • The women should get wet their lips by applying water and they can exfoliate the lips gently with the use of tooth brush.
  • They need to squeeze 2 spoon juice from strawberries and they can mix it with a table spoon of petroleum jelly.
  • You can stir it so that they can get red colored paste.
  • They can apply thick layer of this paste on their lips with the use of soft bristle brush. They can leave the strawberry petroleum jelly paste on their lips for about 10 minutes and they can swipe off the excessive quantity of paste from the lips.
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