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Eyes are the main organs of the body, which are the center of attraction of the beauty of the any person. Women take care of their eyes as give the colours and shads to their eyes. The use of eye shadows enhances the beauty of the eyes and can attract many people. There are many make up tools to make beautiful eyes as they apply on the eyelids, brows. The use of makeup for the eyes, gives glamour and beauty to their eyes. The women use the make up to make their eyes stunning and make better their look & appearance. With the change in various fashion trends, the trend of geeky makeup is also adopted by most of the women. Women adopted these fashion trends by showing their devotion with the changing of fashion of eye decoration with various styles and themes.

Eyes with Geekiness

Eyes with Geekiness

There are some tips to make your eyes beautiful and stunning by adopting the geeky makeup. If you are going to see the games then you should decorate your eyes with packman theme. If you want to give life to your dull eyes then this makeup or decoration of eye will help you in beautifying your eyes in astonishing way. Some women and girls like to paint the alien makeup around their eyes. The women, who like the peacock makeup, they can adopt this makeup, which makes them sexy and attractive. The stitch makeup has some dreadful looking and it can give impressive look to the persons. the cat eye theme is very rare and the women and girls do not like for daily or general condition make up.

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