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Fashion has an important turn, style is just not an ordinary or extra ordinary no more. It’s more about what catches the eye, it’s about the wow into your style. Nails contribute to the look, like everything else. Nail polish, it’s time to move on to something funkier like nail art.

Herbs to your look is what style is all about. Nail art can also be done professionally, but here are some simple pointers do yourself nail art.


Nail Art

Nail Art


Your equipment is ready and sitting style your hands with nail art. Give your nails a base coat. For nail art set up the canvas of the nail with a neutral color. After it has dried you are ready to express your creativity run wild. Use bright colors or patterns or tattoo designs. It’s your nails! It is your nail art!

Once, your nail art is dry, paint your nails with a clear gloss or acrylic. And keep painting this coat every few days for your nail art looking fresh.

Nail Art is not just for professionals, you can funk your hands yourself now. Play with colors and designs and let your nails to speak too loudly.

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