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Many people enjoy pampering by getting a pedicure. In fine weather people are more inclined to their soft feet with sandals and beach and pool visits show. But not everyone wants to pay for a professional pedicure. You can own a pedicure, every day at every hour. You can even yourself another home foot spa treatments to enhance the experience too.


best foot spa

best foot spa


A pedicure is a great way to keep your feet soft one step closer to the ultimate silky smooth and soft feet. It is tempting to walk into a salon for a pedicure, if only for the sake of getting spoiled. However, if you’re on a tight budget or would like to learn how to do good pedicure, you can easily give yourself a pedicure at home.

There is nothing better than a pedicure, your feet feeling soft, smooth and toes ready for sandals. I am always amazed at how big a small treatment can make me feel. It makes me wonder why we not take care of ourselves at home.

How often have you sitting on the couch to watch CSI or Grey’s? Next time your favorite show is on, give yourself a foot massage at the same time! I promise you will not regret. This will extend your visit pedicure or even cancel them completely and save money. Do what I do and sometimes you get lucky a couple of soft feet with foot spa right in the comfort of your home.

Immersion in warm water will give you soft feet, most of us know that but for a change try adding soy milk to warm the hot water. You will redefine soft feet once you’ve tried this foot spa treatment. Add sugar and oatmeal paste in the foot spa can enjoy. Rubbing helps exfoliate and give you soft feet you back to your personal foot spa to go every week. Rub moisturizer on your soft feet will only make it softer and smoother. Then as the happy addition to your foot spa complete with painting your toenails with a double coat of your favorite color after you have submitted.

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