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Fluffy, Untamed and Dreamy Eyebrows

It is excellent rule for most of makeup application and start with light hand the use of the products on your face. You should apply the products to get wonderful eyebrows as the products can make the eyebrows dark and super noticeable. If you apply these products gently, you will save time and product and if there is need to add more then you can do so. Fluffy, Untamed and Dreamy Eyebrows.

Gel Your Best Friend

The brow products can be overwhelming and you can use it with gel, powder, pencil and wax and you do not know which way it is turned. If you go for the natural, then gel offers the two-in-one effect. The brows need some caring and pencil is best for the women to use it.

Fill the sparse spots when you prevent existing hair from getting to unruly. If you have thin eyebrow or you want to have bold brow, you should get brow pencil. The brow pencils are great to add in hair like strokes to make the eyebrow full and fluffy.

Follow Natural Shape

Follow Natural Shape of Eyebrow

If you want to create the illusion of higher arch or defined shape, you should follow the natural eye brow shape. To make brow shape natural for your face, try old diagonal trick and the arch should occur at end of straight and diagonal line to extend from nostrils to the eye brow through your pupil.

You should hold the makeup brush or any straight object to your face and create the line. The trick works to get the end of the tail of your brow and shift the diagonal line, which goes from nostril to outer corner of eye to the brow. The line passes through the end of tail of your brow.

Check Your Surroundings

As your brow produces the matter and the products and they are used on the skin around the brows. They highlight above the brows and also below them on brow bone, which is old, trusty technique to add some dimension.

If you look like you woke up with your brows, which look flawless and avoid super glittery or sparkly highlighters and they will detract from naturalness of brow shape. They should check lighter concealer and use to outline the brows. They will get the brightening effect without making it obvious.

Used Small Strokes

Used Small Strokes for Natural Eyebrow

Your brows are not two solid blocks on the face and they are made up of little hair. When you put on gel or pencil or any type of brow product and you should sure let the natural brow hair is visible.

There is also favorite brow tool, the spoolie and after application of product, you should opt for little strokes over large sweeping motions. You should take spoolie and brush your brows to break up product from clumping hairs together and get rid of the noticeable lines.


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