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By zeeshan

You feel quite happy at the moments when you are greeted by other people but the situation changes several times when your feelings are not quite good due to some reason. We are presenting here few ways for you to take control of the situation at that time and again feel cheered up and bright.

We are sharing such five beauty tips with you that can boost your confidence in no time and save you from this tricky time.

Add Color to the Lips


You should add a beautiful color to your lips if you are not looking much colorful by not wearing a very fine dress. There is no doubt you will feel great after looking pretty by adding a gloss or a bright lipstick. We will recommend the shades of neon orange or hot pink. You will not require much effort in getting your beautiful look back by using this lovely lipstick.

You can achieve more by using a lip liner to initially line your lips and then using it as a base coat. The long lasting effect can be achieved by applying your favorite lipstick or gloss in the end.

Eyes to be Accentuated

Lush lashes can also bring back your pretty look. Your eyes will look sharp with them. After getting lot of practice, it will become quite easier for you to wear fake eyelashes that look natural. You can achieve a natural look by applying few lashes at the base of your natural base line that will also highlight your eyes.

Tresses to be Tamed


In case of flaccid hair, you can apply small amount of baby power on the root of greasy hair as it absorbs extra oil. The remains can be cleared by combining your hair thoroughly. The action is important to change your look after few days is the use of different headbands, buns, braids or knots. It will create uniqueness and beauty to our hair.

Use Good Scents


You can change the dull feelings and looks by using exciting scents. Fresh feeling can naturally be achieved through a beautiful scent which is quite helpful in this matter. But it should be important that ‘less is always more’ is absolutely right thing about scents.

Fresh Smile is to be Flashed

You will be remembered after having a smiling face. The mood can also be changed by using a good smile while it also increases beauty. Any occasion will become more pleasant and young if there are several happy faces there.

Your confidence will improve and feelings will improve with a happy and pretty look.

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