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Your eyes and eyelashes are always prone to aging.  As you grow up one day or another you will have lines of aging which include appearance of wrinkles around the eyes and lips and gray hairs in eyebrows. Similarly eyelashes also get affected with the passage of time, as you age your eyelashes turns thin and lighter.

Everyone wants to have attractive and stunning eyelashes. Don’t you agree? Not only the young ladies but also many man wants to have flirty and stunning eyelashes. Even if there is no stop to aging, but you can adopt some ways which can delay the signs of aging on your hence making your eyes very attractive with lush and glowing eyelashes for long period of time.

Woman with flowers

Woman with flowers

Simple Care Tips for Eyelashes:

Some of the very easy and homemade tips which will make your eyelashes lush and attractive are given below. If you are going for artificial instant glowing eyelashes, so for that there are many products which enhances the eyelashes also there are fake eyelashes which makes the eyelashes long and thick. But if you want to have naturally attractive, thick and long eyelashes then you can check out some of the old effective tips, which are given below.

Some Important Instruction:

  1. In order to look beautiful and stunning, the first and basic thing you should do is improve your daily diet. Every day you should intake right amount of healthy food in a right variety, if you want to have naturally longer eyelashes. Improving your overall diet is the basic and perfect care tip for healthy and attractive eyelashes.
  2. Another effective eyelashes care tip is the usage of natural oils. Natural oils include olive oil or petroleum jelly which can be applied on your eyelashes. The easy tip is that before going to bed at night, apply any natural oil on your eyelashes and then in the morning wash it off. This is one of the most important homemade and simple eyelashes care tip, where you just have to apply a simple product which is not only inexpensive but also have great effective effects on your eye lashes.
  3. With the help of clean brush or cotton apply Vitamin E oil on your eyelashes.

Lemon Olive Oil:

The Lemon is an antiseptic and antimicrobial agent for the skin, and for the eyelashes, lemon plays a role of cooling agent. The healthy properties of olive oil are also enhanced by lemon. Soak the lemon peels in the olive oil and then protecting your eyes, apply the mixture on your eyelashes, this essential eyelash care tip, is also a simple natural Home Remedy.

Vitamin A & Vitamin D:

In order to promote your eyelash care, you should use right nutrients and vitamins to enrich your daily diet. For the eyelashes care, the essential Vitamins is A and D. The eggs, fish oil, and red, yellow and orange fruits are rich with these Vitamins. Vitamin C, which is a potent antioxidant, is found in citrus fruits, potatoes and tomatoes. You should take milk and dark leafy green vegetables, which are rich in Calcium.

Eyelid Massage:

You should increase the blood flow towards your eyelids with simple eyelid massage atleast twice a day. You can use mixture of rose water and honey for the massage, which will stimulate the eyelashes to grow; hence it is very effective eyelash care tip. Before starting the massage always remember to wash your hands properly. Massage along your lids and lash line with the pads of your finger.

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