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The application of eye shadow can be a bit tricky. But it need not be concerned if you know the tricks.

- Before you begin, powdered eye with a wet brush and a little face powder. This will help to prevent your shadow from melting.


beautiful eyes shadow

beautiful eyes shadow


- Choose three shades of the same color family – light, medium and dark shade for cons.

- Apply the lightest color over the entire lid from brow to lash line.

- The medium shade is the color of your eyes. Applying lash line to just above the crease.

- The darkest color is close to the lashes are applied. Clean the brush and get a little color. Forging close to the lash base. If you have bags under your eyes, you might want to line the top lashes only.
Mark Your Eyes

- Use a touch of gold shadow on the brow to make your eyes brighter. You can use powder or one of those thick pencils. I even used that liquid highlighter in a bottle and it gives good results too.

- You can set a trend in your lids to appear somewhat eerie message. This makes shadow application more difficult. To combat this, to stay away from bright colors. Subtlety is what you seek at this point, as softer colors are far more flattering and less aging.

- Pearly shades are ideal for highlighting the brow and open up the eye area.

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