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When you get off, Get out with an aura, an aroma that expresses your soul. Whether it is a soft floral scent of vanilla and a spicy warm scent of cinnamon, the whispers in your heart every step.

Scents are very special because they let you into a world of eternal memories, they speak your heart wherever you go. Here are some style tips to help you find the perfect perfume. So sink into this wonderful exotic scents to the person for you to choose.


yu perfume

yu perfume


If you have a ‘magic’girl straight from the world of fairy tales, always lost in dreams of the prince on a white horse, sweep you off your feet go for a light, sweet floral fragrance, the one that makes you think of Rose , sweet pea, peonies, jasmine and lily. For example, Envy Me by Gucci or Ralph Lauren Romance.

The little daring with a bold, sexy and mysterious character would want to arrest people on her rich, warm and sensual fragrance. A perfume with a hint of pepper, it’ll go for it. If you look for one of her scents of vanilla, musk, cinnamon, clove and patchouli. For example, Dior Addict by Dior and Calvin Klein Obsession.

A bright, clean and fresh fragrance with notes of violet leaves and green tea, or a scent with cool and refreshing flavors, such as sea breezes, mint and dew is a perfect companion for a typical girl next door “with a sweet and charming character.

If you are a free spirited birdie and possibly a little crazy then go for a perfume that is lively and playful with a bit of citrus in the aroma. Look for delicious fruity scents of lemon, mandarin, pink grapefruit and orange. For example, by Stila Mandarin Mist Splash or grapefruit by Marc Jacobs.

Enliven yourself with the aroma that is truly divine, a perfect companion for those mysterious eyes say a thousand words behind their silence, the smell goes your soul the way your eyes.

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