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It’s about your dress yes, but largely it is how you wear your dress. You can dress that’s perfect A-shape dress that has been all the rage. Fashion dress might be screaming from any thread, but when you wear umm next please!

Here are tips that will ensure that what dress you wear is correct and how do you wear it well too.


Girl in Belt Dress

Girl in Belt Dress


In a dress look for tops that your facial features. Fashion is what suits you. Choose flattering dress color for your skin tone and fashion accessories to emphasize your best features.

Avoid a dress that highlights what you feel are your negative traits. Do not dress too tight, which will overemphasis your features. A general rule to follow in a dress that your tops should not be darker than your bottoms. Matching color of the dress top and bottom is a good way idea. If not, draw attention to the upper waist by wearing a dark dress lively colored dress tops and bottoms, with or without prints.

Fashion is an integral part of your dressing, only if you are wearing the right dress properly. You should dress for you today not for you after you finally managed to lose weight. Dress to Kill dress to kill.

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