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This season nails are designed to be noticed! If you would like to get a manicure pedicure, this is a great fashion and seasonal trends for you.


Nail Colour

Nail Colour


This season, nail trends towards the extremes from pretty nudes to edgy ebony, signaling the return of strong sophistication. Classic red, iridescent blue, pastel or bright orange are just some of the thousands of nail shades available in matte, gloss and shine finish. Two-tone colors are also gaining favor with the beauty conscious day. Today nail trends fit well with the current fashion trends this summer. Female flower is beautiful with brightly colored nails. Vibrant ethnic prints can not be supplemented with these brightly colored nails. You may think that too much glitter gets the refinement, but with this glitter nail polish, you will be able to get both – sparkle and class. It will also give you an edgy, bright and modern look. Yes, silver nails are the latest trend in nail polish. The light and dark nail colors perfectly complemented each other and made for a funky, yet surprisingly stylish combination and a trend to follow.

Black nail flew off the shelves in the autumn of 2008, further on in the winter of 2009. But is not the right time to lighten just a bit. Look for navy blue nail polish to the newest, hottest, nail polish trend this season.

Healthy, round nails covered in darker nail polish are most always a treat.

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