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The spirit of independence comes to life in August when Pakistan celebrates its glorious Independence on August 14, 2010. The evening aims to hope of joy, peace and unity on the faces of people and the way they fas up. So, going green on this Independence Day.

Green is considered the most refreshing color of all colors. It means purity, innocence and freshness of something comes alive and ready to mix with the rest.


Iman Ali in Green Independence

Iman Ali in Green Independence


Green is considered one of the most healing color, between all colors. Our green flag reflects the identity of the Muslim and when we dress in green on the eve of Independence Day, we share our solidarity, which he dedicated Pakistanis in the hour of good and bad times together to the interior and exterior forces combat.

Females like to wear green dresses like shalwar kameez, dresses, pants, kurtaas on the day of independence. It is also a color of trees and grasses as it makes you more in tune with nature and reminds you that Pakistan is beautiful and wonderful!

The green trend continues to grow as not only women but men wearing shades of green shalwar kameez, t-shirts, tie, shirt and trousers etc to the joy of being a Pakistani show to find. Similarly, when you think of wearing the green tie on Independence Day, do it as it symbolizes prosperity, progress in all aspects of life.

On the 14th of August, when you feel that wearing a green dress, wear it, because it is linked with nature and novelty. You can choose a green tie to people you are in contact with the environment and the desire to promote a healthy world to wear.

Wearing green on Pakistan Independence Day show strong ties to the harmony and security. By wearing green on this day, we send the message to the world that we are brave, confident Pakistanis who are willing to terrorists and all forms of suicide or criminal activity can not hurt us to beat.

What color green, you want to wear clothes, it shows that Pakistanis the ability to resolve conflict and that people can count on you in such situations. Darker green dress on August 14 can also be used to bring a message of ambition. Such color can symbolize your inner strength and determination to reach your goals.

Green is designed for all occasions, but on Independence Day, green represents the season of new life and growth in terms of prosperity and unity. Choose this color to wear when you are embarking on something new or want to turn over a new leaf.

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