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Lipsticks are very important part of your style. When you are ready and going somewhere out and you will apply a wrong shade of Lipstick then it can turn into a disaster. So whenever you apply Lipstick you have to very careful about it. A tip for all of girls that those which have fair complexion must choose the light color of Lipstick which gives you most fair look. And those which have dark complexion must choose the dark Lipstick shades to look more perfect. Second tip was Red shade Lipstick always looks more freshly either you have any type of complexion.

Red is king of colors you may mix with other colors in Red shade. Red color defines the LOVE. It is good on every skin tone. And there many shades of red which look more brighten the face when you applied on your lips. These are some best shades of Red Lipsticks which are Harmony and warm Best red Lipstick shade for every skin tone.

Red Lipstick

Red Lipstick

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