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Making Look of Your Eyes Larger

Making Look of Your Eyes Larger


The makeup gives an attraction in your personality and the women and girls wish to apply the makeup to look beautiful and pretty. Every woman likes to have the big eyes with decent makeup. There are various celebrities and if you see them without makeup then you will notice the difference in their looks before and after the makeup. Without makeup, the women will not look beautiful and they apply makeup to look beautiful and attractive. The use of makeup makes their eyes big and large and you can get the attraction with little effort.

The women and girls should start the makeup with the use of mascara. The use of mascara makes the appearance of your eyes bigger. You should do the curls to the lashes before use of mascara. It makes the lashes long and can enhance the beauty of the eyes. You can make the pop of your eyes with curler and mascara and it is the important step.

You can also make prominent your eyebrows in the next step. You can make your brows thick and bring the eyes under spotlight. The women should keep in mind to use the brown eyebrow pencil and do not use the black eye brow pencil to have the bold appearance. The women should also use the pencil to get the brown eye shadow and the use of flat brush to highlight the brows with brown eyebrow shadow. Then tweeze the brows thin and make the look of the eyes small.

Use the dark color eyeliner to trace the upper lash line. The women and girls can smudge the dark eyeliner to make the look of the eyes larger. You can also use the navy blue, black, charcoal and dark brown eyeliner around the eyes to make the upper and lower lashes. The women apply the eyeliner make the outside corners little heavier. In the inner rim of the eyes, the use of white color prevents the heavy looking of the eyes.  The use of the white lines in the inner area of eyes gives the wider look to your eyes.

The women use the nude shadow in the entire lid to get the shimmery neutral eye shadow to switch the light on the eyelids. The selection of the two or more colors makes the shades of the eyes darker and the application of dark colors can enhance the crease and make the eyebrows with the finger more attractive and decent.

The application of eye shadows can have the remembrance little much and less quantity is applied over the eyes and makes the outer corner heavy with dark shades & makes the inner corner light with light shade. It is good for making the eyes big and wide. With the nice blending, you can create the illusion of big eyes.

The women, who want to add the depth in their eyes, they should use the pale eye shadow with black eyeliner. It will make your eyes pop and the use of the dark shade on the outside corners make the look of the eyes larger. The women should apply two coats of mascara on the end to get the finishing effect. The women should act upon these tips and the women and girls can grab their attention with the spotlight on the big eyes.


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