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How To Make Skin Glow In Ramadan

How To Make Skin Glow In Ramadan

We all know that after few weeks Ramadan will start. Surely all the women will be looking to know few best tips to make their skin glow even in this month. In Ramadan, mostly we have seen that 12 or more hours of fasting will make your skin appear dry and dull and you find your skin quite rough and drab at the end of Ramadan.
Few tips are given below that’ll help you to make skin glowing during this sacred month.
1. You should refrain yourself from junk food items in this month. Don’t eat candies, chocolate, pizza and French food and they can give rise to acne spots and pimples to the skin. You can make your skin glowing and fresh by avoiding these food items.
2. Also you should remain busy with exercise in this month. During fast time, you should indulge in light exercise such as walking, playing sports, running etc. after Iftaar and in Sehri, you should drink at least 8 glasses of water to help the skin to hydrate. By the end of day, this will make the skin glowing and fresh.
3. Too much stress in Ramadan will affect the freshness of skin so don’t take too much stress in this month. Stress may also contribute to the production of acne spots and pimple on the skin.
4. Keep away from direct exposure to skin as they can damage the skin cells very much. If it is necessary to go outside during day time, then you should use sun screen with SPF 15 or above to save skin from UV rays of sun.
5. Twice in a day, do cleansing of skin for skin freshness.
In the month of Ramadan, don’t forget to apply these tips for protection and beautification of your skin during this sacred month.


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