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It is not easy to maintain or even to apply foundation or base in the hot summer. You might feel uncomfortable or difficult to apply foundation on your skin in summer season.


Base for Sumer Make-up

Base for Sumer Make-up


Selecting a perfect base exactly to your skin type, complexion, occasion and personality is no less an art. After choosing the right foundation in all these parameters, the application is another task of the techniques. You need to idealize the light and fresh look after making a good base, which is difficult to get but not impossible. Message with an ice cube on your face before applying summer makeup can help you maintain your base for a long time. A good tinted moisturizer in the beginning of your makeup, apply with a damp sponge will give a better look. It is good to have a little concealer under your eyes to add part of a balanced basis.

Always have time enough to set up your base, and then the rest of the make-up after some time, this will make up a strong footing.

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