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Atiqa Odho is a name that is popular in every household in Pakistan. Atiqa Odho appears relentless in its pursuit of success. Atiqa Odho reminisces how she was a makeup artist, when she got her big break as an actress. Now Atiqa Odho is all set to return to her makeup beginning. For Atiqa Odho it’s time to make a difference in cosmetics, and has her dream of launching her own cosmetics line.


Atiqa Odho

Atiqa Odho


Atiqa Odho cosmetics launched for a while now. Odho’s Lipstick, with their perfume, such as packaging and the accompanying red velvet bags, it is luxurious.

Atiqa Odho is working on a makeover show too. Atiqa Odho special handle Cosmetics beauty / vanity related products for the retail sector in Pakistan.

If you have not Atiqa Odho brand a shot. It is a color cosmetic line that currently includes make-up items only, but it is our own designer range. Now go Odho.

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