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  • To have healthy skin and hairs Vitamin E is essential, so you should take food rich in vitamin E like peanuts, almonds, fish, olives, spinach etc. Apart from this Vitamin E capsules can bought from the market. Just squeeze its oil out and then massage it in your hair. Your frizz will be get rid instantly by this.
7 Simple Tips to Combat Frizzy Hairs

7 Simple Tips to Combat Frizzy Hairs

  • You need to stop blow drying your hair with warm air, instead try to blow dry your hairs with cool air. In this way your hair will appear shiny, and the cuticle of your hair lay flat.
  • Daps a drop or two of body moisturizer or lotion and run your hands through your hairs, this will smooth your hairs and gets rid of hair frizz. Your hair will look greasy, if you use excess of lotion, you should remember that.
  • You can get rid of the frizz and tangles from your hairs by just taking a spray bottle, and mixing the conditioner with little amount of water, and by smoothing the hairs with your hands, sprits the mixture on your hairs.
  • Take a mixture of equal parts of olive oil mixed with egg and mayonnaise or with your regular conditioner, and deep cleanse your hairs. Gently dab the mixture on your hairs and massage it. Let the conditioner stay on your hairs for 15 minutes, you can put on the towel. After that shampoo and wash your hairs.
  • Many people rub their hairs with the towel after a shower, which damages the hairs. Stop doing it instantly! Leave your hairs for 10 minutes after wrapping up the towel. The cuticles get damaged due to rubbing which leads to frizz.

Take a mixture of half cup of water with half cup of cider vinegar, after shampooing and conditioning your hair, pour the mixture on your head, hence rinsing your hairs. After 5-10 minutes wash your hairs.

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