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By anas

You can indulge in the few bad makeup habits and we do not like to admit them. You need to accept them and try to exercise the damage control by breaking them free from bad beauty habits. You can also identify, what is wrong with your beauty routine and find the quick fixes of these issues.

1.      Sleep Without Removing Makeup

When the women go on the weddings and they stay there till late night, they get tired when they reach their homes. They do not remove their makeup and they go to fall asleep. This is the bad habit, which can create facial problems and they can have the rashes or the face problems. They need to remove the makeup soon, when they return to their homes and should wash their faces with the good quality soap so that they can remove the makeup from their faces. If they let their makeup on their faces, the makeup residue may stay there and it can harm their face and eyes and they can cause infection.

2.      Fixation with Lash Extensions

Some of the women do not have the long and fuller lashes ad they need to use the lash extensions. They can have pretty look, when they wear them and they as the lash glues, which can have the formaldehyde as the key ingredient in their eye lashes. They can cause irritation to their eyes. If they make the plan to get the lash extension, they should try the patch test.

3.      Dirty Make Up Brushes

There are some of the lazy girls, who do not take care of their makeup items. They do not find time to clean their makeup brushes. The makeup brushes are perfect place for the breeding of the bacteria that can cause the skin infections and breakouts. If your brushes have some makeup on them, they cannot give the good result. They need to wash the wet brushes that are used for the foundation and concealer in four days with the mild shampoo and get rid of the grime. They need to dry the brushes once a week

4.      Liquid Liner on Waterline

There are some of the liners, which if you apply to the waterline, they can cause eyes to tear and the sense of burn as you can have the allergy to the ingredients. They need to use ophthalmologist tested liquid liners and try it on the small area around waterline so that they can check if their eyes are not burnt. If you use eye pencil, you need to sharpen it and overcome the bacteria from entering into the eyes as they can cause infections for your eyes.

5.      Overlook Makeup Products Expiry Date

The out of date or expired cosmetics can be harmful for you and you need to check its expiry date. If you overlook the expiry dates of the makeup products, they can be strong risk of unwanted skin conditions, eye infections and rashes. All of the makeup products including lipsticks, mascaras and liners harbor bacteria so the women should scan the makeup kit for the expired products.


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